Choose Between Party Bus and Charter Bus Service in Austin for Your Special Occasion Ride

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Choose Between Party Bus and Charter Bus Service in Austin for Your Special Occasion Ride


You may be searching for a safe, fun, affordable and luxury solution to transport your entire group in Austin, Texas on any special occasion. It could be a kids/teen birthday party, prom party, bachelor/bachelorette party, social event, tubing trip, winery/brewery tour, BBQ or anything recreational that you want to enjoy in a group. You have access to safe and reliable transportation means like party bus and charter bus service in Austin throughout the week to ensure a memorable riding experience.

There are a number of local transportation companies available to serve your group transportation needs, from shuttle bus rental companies to luxury livery service providers. The company you book should specialize in the affordable transportation solution you believe in. These companies have luxury fleets for your choice and the certified drivers on hand to drive your group safely and reliably.

It really helps if you tell the transportation provider about what your occasion for group ride is and what kind of solution you expect for it. Most of the time, you may be given two options like charter bus rental and shuttle bus rental whenever you go on hiring group transportation. Knowing the actual difference between shuttle bus and charter bus service in Austin will help you make the right choice.

Shuttle Bus Service in Austin

You might be familiar with the short-haul and limited passenger shuttle buses that often link to airports, transport hubs and other tourist locations in Austin, TX. These shuttle buses come included in livery rental fleets that are custom designed for luxury, comfort, convenience and safety of passengers. These passenger buses can go by other names – limo buses, luxury coaches or party buses.  They can fit up to 50 people based on their configuration. You will find the party bus service in Austin offering a new level of excitement and unlimited fun for commuters of all ages; just because they provide more space and luxury amenities including LED light, stereo system and cup holders that make them stick out from standard vehicles and become highly desirable for large parties.

Apart from plush seating and other luxurious features, a party bus also assures safe riding and nonetheless a fashionable way to travel around. Some of the party bus services in Austin are perfect for a night out, while others for high school prom, bachelor/bachelorette party, winery/brewery tour and tubing trips. Whatever may be the occasion, you can choose for fully equipped party buses which feel more like charter bus service but come with more space to socialize and mingle with guests. Be sure that they will turn heads on the roadway.

Charter Bus Service in Austin

A charter bus service in Austin is meant for large group transportation, and stress on comfort for both short and long distance trips. Due to its large size, a charter bus can accommodate 50-60 passengers. It may even have facilities like air conditioning and restroom. Many charter buses come with extras such as plasma screen televisions and Wi-Fi access to keep the guests entertained on the wheel.

The Final Choice

Your group transportation needs will decide whether you should book a party bus or a charter bus service in Austin, Texas. The total number of commuters and the travel destination are crucial factors, as well as what luxuries you are expecting for your group members. The estimate offered by the provider usually depends upon accessibility, vehicle, and destination, and this vehicles can be modified with services in the site here. If your fun riding should continue with luxury amenities on board, a party bus service offers more space than a charter bus for partying. A party bus is great for a corporate event, but it is up to you if you want to book it for a sports event or social event.

As you weigh the option of charter bus service in Austin, consider to check for the party bus service of Austin Nites Party Bus. We are a local party bus rental company in Austin offering reliable, affordable, safe and fun party bus transportation with certified chauffeurs for a variety of occasions. Don’t let your fun or entertainment get interrupted simply because you settled on an affordable solution for group transportation in Austin. Contact us at 512-709-4391 for booking a party bus right now!